Schneider Electric Conext SW & XW Inverter/Chargers

Inverters convert DC (direct current) voltage from the solar panels into grid-ready AC (alternating current) power suitable for homes and businesses. eSolar.ca uses industrial grade solar power inverters from Schneider Electric Canada, which are configured, built and tested domestically.


           Conext SW Series Inverter                    Conext XW Series Inverter      
Conext SW Series Inverter/Chargers
Conext XW Series Inverter/Charges

As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in Utilities & Infrastructure, Industries & Machines Manufacturers, Non-residential Building, Data Centres & Networks and in Residential application. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, the Group's 140,000 plus employees achieved sales of €24 billion ($34 billion CDN) in 2012, through an active commitment to help individuals and organizations make the most of their energy.

Scheider Electric Canada Solar Products
All inverters are listed to UL 1741 and IEEE 1547 and are listed with the California Energy Commission. The inverters are designed for high efficiency, ease of installation and reliability. With warranties available for up to 10 years of coverage, service contracts and uptime guarantees for up to 20 years, GT Series inverters will maximize your return on investment and lower your total cost of ownership.