Schneider Electric Solar Power Disconnect Switch


   GT 100 Inverter    

A new Balance of System component from Schneider Electric

Put over 100 years of Schneider Electric’s experience as a global specialist in energy management to work on your solar project.

Our high quality, highly efficient solutions harness solar power while reducing your energy bills.

The Schneider Electric 1000 VDC solar power disconnect switch functions as a local disconnect for a string of Photovoltaic (PV) panels and is IEC 60947 / UL98B compliant for use in PV Systems at a maximum of 1000 VDC.

This compact disconnect is available in both 100 and 200 amp, three and four pole versions.



Extended Life Expectancy
• Exceeds IEC 60947-3 mechanical endurance requirements by a factor of 18
• Exceeds IEC 60947-1 electrical endurance requirements by a factor of 10

Designed for Harsh PV Environments
• NEMA Type 3 and IP63 enclosure
• Resists windblown dirt/dust
• Operating range of -37°C to 50°C
• Reduces solar gain by up to 35% over standard grey enclosures
• Lower temperature increases unit life

Easy to Install
• Preconfigured for a solar solution
• No additional components required
• Familiar enclosed safety switch design
• Suitable for both grounded and ungrounded PV

Available Sizes:

Poles                 Amps

3 grounded        100
3 grounded        200
4 un-grounded   100

4 un-grounded   200



Optional accessories:

Electrical Interlock – 1 Contact
Electrical Interlock – 2 Contact
Viewing Window
Optional Terminal Block
Copper Only Lugs
Grounding – Al/Cu

Schneider Solar Power Disconnect Switch Download:

Solar Disconnect