Power Panel supplies both electricity and heat,
in a combined Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) solution.

We all know that we use electricity and heat (thermal energy) in our homes. But you may be surprised to know that the majority of your total household energy consumption is for thermal energy (space heating and hot water). Power Panel captures heat by fluid cooling the PV cells - which then operate more efficiently as the temperature of the cells is reduced. Not only is your water heated by the sun - rather than a boiler - but using this to cool the solar panels makes them more efficient too!

Power Panel is also revolutionary in other ways.

  • Power Panel is made of recyclable materials
  • Power Panel maximizes the capture of the sun’s energy (80%+ vs. 5%-18% from traditional PV panels alone). 



A typical Power Panel system


Power Panel may be the right solution for you. 

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Power Panel schematic