Integrated Operation & Maintenance and Insurance Solutions

EfstonSolar has established partner companies to provide uniquely integrated risk management solutions for your PV projects.

Our partner companies serve stakeholders of solar power plants exposed to the associated risks with professional lifecycle risk management solutions. Their integrated solutions include:

  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Financing
  • System Auditing

PV plants are exposed to a vast range of risks for a very long time -- from potential design issues, to extreme environmental elements, to the controls of utilities and regulators. You need a partner who understands these risks and how to manage them professionally.

How we work together

As EfstonSolar helps you in developing your project, our partner companies will develop a complete risk management solution for you when it matters most – during the design through commissioning phase. By doing so, you improve your ability to attain better financing terms for your project.



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