ILLUMIENT Smart Off-Grid Lighting: Overview


GT 100 Inverter

Illumient Off-Grid Lighting Systems are complete, fully-engineered wind and solar-powered solutions.

The energy generated from the sun and wind is stored in batteries located in the base of the pole, providing enough power to illuminate the LED luminaire year round, even through periods of no wind or sun.

It works in all weather conditions including snow, ice and rain.

The Horizon intelligent controller is a charge and load control system that allows solar, wind, and battery storage inputs to deliver reliable and manageable power solutions to lighting and other security or monitoring applications.

Illumient takes large grid strategies and reliability expectations and simplifies them to deliver power where it is needed, eliminating all the costs associated with distribution.


Why choose Illumient?

Illumient's design offers:

  • Well planned cable management design for ease of installation 

  • Option for the pole to be installed on a pad or “dig and drop” method, which can drastically reduce installation costs

  • Batteries and electronics are elegantly stored within the pole base, putting the weight where it needs to be and making it easy to access, once again saving on installation and maintenance costs. 

  • Aesthetics are important – these poles offer many options for both color and finish, they are quite simply – gorgeous

  • StressCrete poles are made of a patented spun concrete process which provides extraordinary strength and “forever” durability, even in harsh environments