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 ILLUMIENT Smart Off-Grid Lighting


Illumient Smart Off-Grid Lighting Systems are a breakthrough in environmentally responsible and aesthetic solar wind powered street lights.

Combining wind and solar co-generation, hybrid power remote real-time monitoring and to power an ultra-high efficiency LED streetlight, the Illumient smart lighting is a completely self-contained, off-grid power solution that requires no additional wiring or trenching.


Illumient Advantages

Smart Off-Grid Low Cost Easy to Install  Create Your Own 

Our unique Horizon cloud service monitors them day and night, and they can be controlled over the Internet from your computer or smartphone, letting you change lighting profiles, check the battery, run diagnostics and more.

With Illumient, you eliminate the cost of trenching and cabling. Installation takes less than a day. Our LED lights require less power and significantly reduce ongoing maintenance.

Installation takes less than a day. No trenching, no cabling. Our Horizon intelligent management application lets you manage and monitor the lights from anywhere, even using your mobile phone.

With thousands of LED light fixtures and dozens of beautiful concrete or metal poles to choose from, select a Pole and Power package that meets your exact requirements.

Horizon Hybrid Controller

produce electricity from the sun and the wind all day and all night...

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Horizon Cloud Management

web based administration that remotely controls and tracks performance...

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Luminaires & Photometrics

ensure the super-bright, high-efficiency LED lighting systems meets your needs...

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Aesthetics & Design

embrace green energy with attractive solutions for both the pole and finish...

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Illumient Applications 

1. Rural and City Roadways

Illumient Off-Grid Lighting Systems are the ideal solution for providing light to neighborhoods and roadways in remote areas where access to electrical power is non-existent or difficult to obtain. Illumient lighting also improves roadway safety for motorists and pedestrians, providing affordable lighting to dark pockets on highways and roadways in need of light.

» 2. Retail Malls & Plazas

» 3. Parks and Recreation

» 4. Parking Lots

» 5. Outdoor Building Lighting

» 6. Security and Camera Systems

» 7. Residential Subdivisions

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ReneSola PV Solar Modules:

EfstonSolar ReneSola Mono 60 Cell Module 250W-265W EfstonSolar ReneSola Mono 60 Cell Module 255W-270W EfstonSolar ReneSola Mono 60 Cell Module - ALL BLACK EfstonSolar ReneSola Poly 60 Cell Module 250W-260W EfstonSolar ReneSola Poly 72 Cell Module 300W-310W


ReneSola Replus Single Phase String Inverter:

EfstonSolar ReneSola Replus
Single Phase
3.6kW 4.2kW 5.0kW Datasheet
EfstonSolar ReneSola Replus Single Phase
3.6kW 4.2kW 5.0kW User Manual
EfstonSolar ReneSola Replus Inverter
Warranty Terms and Card
EfstonSolar ReneSola Replus Single Phase 8kW 9kW 10kW 12kW Datasheet


ReneSola Replus 250W 240V 60Hz Solar Micro Inverter:

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Micro Inverter Data Sheet
EfstonSolar Replus
Micro Inverter User Manual
ReneSola Replus
Micro Inverter Warranty
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ReneSola Micro Replus Inverter Monitor:

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Micro Replus
Communications Gateway Technical Specification
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Micro Replus
Gateway User Manual





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Schneider Conext™ SW Series Inverter/Chargers:

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Conext™ SW Series
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