Financing For Every Stage of Your Solar Project

EfstonSolar connects project owners to commercial financing that is the perfect solution for any size FIT solar installation. 

We have aligned ourselves with a reputable, experienced non-institutional lenders who will provide financing for all FIT 1.0 and FIT 2.0 contracts ­–including Co-ops.

  • Construction and debt financing
  • No project too small 
  • Competitive rates

  • Negotiable terms
  • Non-institutional lender
  • Quick approvals

Best Choice for Solar Financing in Ontario

These non-institutional funds have very competitive rates and will negotiate the terms for construction, equity as well as debit loans. They’re willing to be flexible and take the risk that banks wouldn’t even look at – and not at “loan shark” rates.

EfstonSolar will introduce project owners who require financing -- including co-ops -- to exactly such lenders.   We have unique relationship with these funds that are in the best interest of the client and it’s projects.

Contact us and we’ll facilitate an introduction and help projects get the money they need to get their projects built.

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