EfstonSolar provides Schneider Electric Canada authorized commissioning.

The commissioning process is an integrated program of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of your solar project, from electrical functions, through to communications. Every instrument, connection and module is checked for operational and electrical excellence.

Schneider Electric's solar technicians are expert electricians, with the additional electronics and telecom experience required for modern communication and monitoring modules. With 50 trucks on the road in Ontario, we can schedule your commissioning exactly when you need it, so that you don't have any unnecessary down time.


Schneider's commissioning checklist includes:

  • Nominal AC Input Voltage 
  •   (+10% to -12% acceptable range) 
  • Maximum Continuous AC Output Current 
  • Nominal AC Input Frequency 
  •   (+0.5 to -0.7 Hz acceptable range) 
  • Line Power Factor 
  • Output Power 
  • Sell Power Range 
  • Peak Power
  • Tracking Window
  • Maximum Open Circuit Voltage 
  • Nominal DC Voltage 
  • Maximum DC Current 
  • DC Current Ripple 
  • Maximum Array 
  • Short Circuit Current 
  • DC Back-feed Current 
  • AC Current Distortion 
  • Efficiency Standby 
  • Night-time Tare Loss
  • Over voltage limit
  • Under voltage limit
  • Over-frequency limit
  • Under-frequency detection limits
  • Arc flash category
  • Arc flash PPE requirements